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Dear guests,

Lalibela Ethiopia is a special kind of Ethiopian restaurant. Ethiopia is a country with a long and diverse cultural history. Ethiopian cuisine reflects this diversity and offers a range of delicious dishes. We place great emphasis on providing our guests with the best possible service and pampering them with delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere.

Where does the name come from?

Lalibela is unique among the historical cities in Ethiopia. The history of Lalibela is closely connected with the Christian tradition in Ethiopia. According to tradition, King Lalibela is said to have been commanded by angels of Christ to build a New Jerusalem after a vision. In the following years, he is said to have built 11 rock-hewn churches in the city, modeled after the Holy Land. The rock churches of the city are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are considered one of the most impressive structures of Christian architecture. We would like to share the beauty of the city of Lalibela with our guests.

Appetizers // Vorspeisen

These tasty teasers will definitely make your favs list!


2 Hausgemachte Teigtaschen, gefüllt mit vegetarischer Füllung gewürzt nach Art des hauses, dazu leckeren Dip

2 Home made pastry with vegetables and Dips.

Miser Shorba

Feine Linsensuppe, dazu Injera

Ethiopian style lintel soup with Injera

Lalibela Salat

Gemischter Salat mit Basilikum und wahlweise mit oder ohne Schafskäse.

Mixed salad basil topped with or without feta cheese.

Vegan Entrees //


Misser Wot, Gomen

3 Sorten roter Linsen mit verschiedenen Gewürzen in pikant-scharfer Soße zubereitet, dazu Gomen (Grünkohl), Azifa und Salat.

Split lentil in medium spicy sauce with collard greens and salad.

Sample 1


Shiro Wot, Yeater Kik alicha, Gomen

4 Sorten gekochtes Kichererbsenmus mit äthiopischen Gewürzen, dazu etwas Knoblauch. Kichererbsen in milder Kurkumasoße, Gomen, Azifa dazu Salat.

Ground chickpea simmered in a rich house sauce.

Sample 1


Misser Wot & Yeater Kik Alicha

3 Sorten roter Linsen und Kichererbsen in milder Soße und Gomen.

Split lentil and Slightly puréed yellow split peas simmered in a mild sauce of onion, herbs and spices.

Sample 1