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Äthiopisches Restaurant Berlin

Lalibela is a popular Ethiopian restaurant in Berlin. We are known for delicious and exotic dishes. Many guests come here to try the typical Ethiopian cuisine. Our restaurant has a wide selection of different dishes. Most dishes are served with injera, a typical Ethiopian flat bread. Injera is made from teff flour, a grain grown only in Ethiopia. It is very tasty and has a particularly good texture. Typical Ethiopian cuisine is very hot and spicy. Most dishes contain berbere, a hot spice blend that is very popular in Ethiopia. If you are not so fond of spicy dishes, you can order a milder dish. In our Ethiopian restaurant Berlin you can also try different Ethiopian wines. The wines are very fruity and delicious. Many guests are enthusiastic about the quality of the wines. If you are in the mood for something exotic, you should definitely visit our Ethiopian restaurant in Berlin once. You will be delighted by the delicious and tasty cuisine.

You can make reservations with us and enjoy Ethiopian food in a relaxed atmosphere. We look forward to welcoming you soon!